Entegra www.EntegraPS.ca – SILVER SPONSOR

Entegra is the world’s largest food group purchasing organization bringing OSRA members incredible savings on not just food, but on the broadest offering of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, maintenance and repair operations, and services and supplies needed to run your business. Entegra delivers unmatched efficiencies and tailored solutions, boosting your business performance with:

  • Savings and purchasing solutions unparalleled at the global, regional and local level, maximizing savings of up to 30%* and supply chain efficiencies for everyday purchases
  • Advisory services from trusted industry professionals who are dedicated to client growth and success
  • Data and digital tools provide robust reporting to help clients maximize savings and monitor business performance
  • A corporate social responsibility commitment, helping clients achieve sustainability, diversity and inclusivity goals

*Savings based when compared to supplier list prices.

As part of our agreement with OSRA, there is no fee to join or participate in the Entegra program. Contact Entegra to ensure you are registered and receiving your rebates.

Contact: Karin Flynn, Director National Accounts, 519-939 2371 [email protected]