Snowmachines Inc.

SMI Snow Makers – SILVER SPONSOR SMI is a global supplier and manufacturer of energy efficient fan and stick snowmaking equipment. Whether it’s a large-scale system of fully automated Pumas or Polecats or a single Grizzly or FreedomX, SMI’s snowmaking equipment offers flexible solutions for your resort. SMI also provides cutting-edge snowmaking consulting, engineering […]

Inter-Mtn Testing Ltd

Inter-Mtn Testing Ltd – SILVER SPONSOR The proven choice for the Ski Area NDT Expertise. Since 1987, Inter-Mtn Testing Ltd. has helped develop the policies and procedures specific to the Ski industry that are used across Canada today. With extensive experience, the latest modern equipment and knowledge of ski area specific codes and requirements, […]

Inter-Mtn Enterprises Inc.

Inter-Mtn Enterprises Inc. – SILVER SPONSOR Premier supplier of signs, specialty products, and event supplies for the resort industry. Since 1987, Inter-Mtn. has provided quality products, excellent service, and knowledgeable solutions for all budgets. Refer to our website for a full product line that includes Z98 and risk signs, comprehensive sign systems, trail signs, […]


Entegra – SILVER SPONSOR Entegra is the world’s largest food group purchasing organization bringing OSRA members incredible savings on not just food, but on the broadest offering of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, maintenance and repair operations, and services and supplies needed to run your business. Entegra delivers unmatched efficiencies and tailored solutions, boosting your […]

Mode Avalanche Inc.

Avalanche Inc. – SILVER SPONSOR Manufactures technical outerwear and accessories for snow resorts corporate image needs for management, patrol, operations, maintenance, snow school, race clubs and special marketing needs. Contact: Carolyne Gagnon, Ski/Sales & Development Manager, 418-955-1196 [email protected] Gini Oksanen, Ontario Sales Representative, 705-440-3233 [email protected]