Palmer Andersen

Palmer Andersen – GOLD SPONSOR Palmer Andersen provides cutting edge web design and advanced software development. Co-founded in 2013 by two experienced web design and development entrepreneurs, James Palmer and Tom Andersen, the company brings together award-winning creative and technical skills. PA are the web designers of OSRA’s website Contact: Tom Andersen, PhD, […]


Prinoth – GOLD SPONSOR Snow  groomers  engineered  to meet the  highest  standards,  with  the most  advanced Tier4 Engine technology (Clean Motion Fleet) and forward looking design to meet all Alpine, Cross Country and Trail Grooming (Snowmobile) customer needs. Prinoth is committed to provide the best full service and support network, 7 days a week […]

Leitner Poma Canada

Leitner Poma Canada – GOLD SPONSOR Leitner – Poma offers a complete line of transportation systems by cable. Chair Lifts, Gondolas, Trams, Urban Transportation, Incline Elevators, also Wind Turbines. Our experience and flexibility permits us to construct, fabricate and maintain systems of transportation that are precisely adapted to the changing needs of our customers. […]

BrokerLink GOLD SPONSOR Insurance and Risk Management Specialists in the ski industry since 1989. We support and partner with our clients and their respective Regional and National Associations to promote safety and prosperity within the resort industry. Contact: Judy Gougeon, President/Account Executive, 800-461-1106 x242 [email protected] Tim Stezik, Risk Manager, 800-461-1106 x214 [email protected] Taryn Green, Communications […]

Edwards Insurance Brokers Ltd

Edwards Insurance Brokers Ltd  – GOLD SPONSOR Commercial and Personal General Insurance as well as Life Insurance & Wealth Management Solutions. Contact: Brian Edwards – 705-719-4193 [email protected]

Doppelmayr Canada

Doppelmayr Canada – GOLD SPONSOR Manufacture and install ski lift and ropeway equipment. Provide parts, service and professional expertise on any kind of ropeway equipment. Also available – technical support, lift assessment, training & seminars, non-destructive testing and wire rope inspection. ContactLuc Guy – President [email protected] St-Germain – Customer Support [email protected] Cartier – Sales & Installation […]