Kubera Payments

www.kuberapayments.com – GOLD SPONSOR Leverage our team’s experience building and implementing payment systems for ski areas and suppliers to the ski industry. We are here to help you strategically manage the complexities of payment processing in a PCI-compliant fashion. Contact: Mike Clements 604 484 9297 mike.clements@kuberapayments.com

TechnoAlpin Canada

www.technoalpin.com – GOLD SPONSOR Full service snowmaking provider since 1983. Manual and fully automatic snowmaking systems. Contact: David Kennedy 530 559 0232 dave.kennedy@technoalpin.com

Snowmachines Inc.

SMI Snow Makers www.snowmakers.com –GOLD SPONSOR SMI is a global supplier and manufacturer of energy efficient fan and stick snowmaking equipment. Whether it’s a large-scale system of fully automated Pumas or Polecats or a single Grizzly or FreedomX, SMI’s snowmaking equipment offers flexible solutions for your resort. SMI also provides cutting-edge snowmaking consulting, engineering and […]


Prinoth www.prinoth.com – GOLD SPONSOR Snow  groomers  engineered  to meet the  highest  standards,  with  the most  advanced Tier4 Engine technology (Clean Motion Fleet) and forward looking design to meet all Alpine, Cross Country and Trail Grooming (Snowmobile) customer needs. Prinoth is committed to provide the best full service and support network, 7 days a week […]

Leitner Poma Canada

Leitner Poma Canada www.leitner-poma.com – GOLD SPONSOR Leitner – Poma offers a complete line of transportation systems by cable. Chair Lifts, Gondolas, Trams, Urban Transportation, Incline Elevators, also Wind Turbines. Our experience and flexibility permits us to construct, fabricate and maintain systems of transportation that are precisely adapted to the changing needs of our customers. […]

HKD Snowmakers

HKD Snowmakers www.hkdsnowmakers.com – GOLD SPONSOR HKD Snowmakers is focused on the development, manufacture and service of efficient, cost effective snowmaking products for the ski industry. These products include Low-E air/water Tower Snowguns, Fan Snowguns, Automation and Engineering. We can be reached at www.HKDsnowmakers.com Contact: Contact: Mark Horton 802-735-5285 mark@hkdsnowmakers.com Ian Jarrett 508-655-3232 ian@hkdsnowmakers.com

Edwards Insurance Brokers Ltd

Edwards Insurance Brokers Ltd www.edwards-insurance.ca  – GOLD SPONSOR Commercial and Personal General Insurance as well as Life Insurance & Wealth Management Solutions. Contact: Brian Edwards – 705-719-7956 brian@edwards-insurance.ca