Canadian Ski Council

Canadian Ski Council est. 1977

Few sports have such a diverse number of organizational bodies to foster and maintain the development of the sport and related industry. Distinctly autonomous groups have been formed to administer the various aspects of alpine and cross country skiing, instruction, coaching, ski area operation, disabled skiing, racing, safety, and the equipment wholesale and retail industries.

While each group answers specific needs, the entire ski/snowboard industry long ago recognized their common need for the on-going promotion of the sport. It was felt that it would be most effective if one central body was responsible for the implementation of generic promotions and marketing of our sport on the ski / snowboard industry’s behalf, rather than have many different groups duplicating efforts.

The goal of the Canadian Ski Council is to increase participation in recreational snowboarding, alpine and cross-country skiing in Canada. To that end, the Council has identified four main areas of emphasis for its activities:

Marketing and Promotion

  • To develop and implement generic promotions to promote skiing / snowboarding
  • To provide programs to promote skiing / snowboarding in Canada
  • To ensure an effective communication and delivery system for Council programs and activities

 Research and Development

  • To coordinate and disseminate research among member associations
  • To conduct national ski / snowboard industry research

Communication and Cooperation

  • To facilitate communication and cooperation among members
  • To respond to member needs for educational programs/activities
  • To enhance commitment for member associations to the Council’s goals and objectives


  • To provide ski / snowboard industry information to the media, ski and non-ski related businesses and the general public
  • To undertake lobbying activities beneficial to skiing / snowboarding in Canada as identified by members