CADS Ontario


CADS was founded by Jerry Johnston in 1976, but the origins go further back to 1961 when he, as the ski school director at Sunshine Village, Alberta became intrigued with the challenge of teaching young disabled people to ski. He developed teaching methods and equipment adaptations that established the foundation for disabled skiing in Canada. Please visit CADS National web site.

Today, as the Ontario organization, we are committed to promoting CADS programs that are inspiring and exciting for skiers and volunteers alike. Our membership, which currently is over four hundred, continues to grow. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us.

Disabled skiing is a caring and exciting experience engaging individuals who enjoy adventure. It brings out the best in everyone. If you are interested in joining our program, please contact us.

As a volunteer organization we are seeking people who would like to become instructors or helpers. And as a non-profit charity we need donations to help fund our ski programs. See how you can volunteer or donate.


Promotion of skiing and snowboarding for persons with disabilities in order to enable full integration into society.


There are 8 CADS Ontario programs operating across the province. CADS Ontario partner with the hill operators/owners to provide skiing opportunities for children and adults with disabilities.