Beaver Valley Ski Club – Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Head Coach


Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Head Coach

Name of Job:    Head Coach Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Programs

Department:     Alpine Programs

Works with:      All departments and members

Duration:           Full Time-Seasonal (September-April)

Seasonal Expectations

The Contract period will include pre-season programing, equipment set up/repair and camp planning starting September 1st and will conclude with year-end wrap up March 31st.  The Employee must be prepared work up to 10 days in program operations throughout off-season months as deemed necessary by the Alpine Programs Manager.   Paid sick days are to be taken in accordance with current MOE regulations.

Hours of Work

During the course of the contract, it is expected that Club operating hours and special events will influence the number of hours required during any given week. It is expected that the required hours will be worked to ensure the success of Freestyle programs. The contract is based on 1,333 hours of work to be delivered based on this contract.  The employee will be on-site working for these hours, off site or at home.  Work performed away from the Club will be accepted in lieu of work at the Club based upon approval from the Alpine Programs Manager. The Employee will be expected to travel to mid-week competitions when other staff are unavailable.  The Employees travel schedule for camps, events and anything program related must be approved by the Alpine Programs Manager.

Duties & Responsibilities:

•   Plan and implement entry level to advanced level Freestyle programing

•   Hire and train staff using Freestyle Canada and Canada Snowboard core competencies

•   Hire staff/assistants/volunteers to support all Freestyle programs with a 1 – 7 staff to participant ratio

•   Set up and help implement training all Freestyle staff in club policies and procedures along with job specific training throughout the season

•   Book and support freestyle events both internally and with outside providers (Freestyle Ontario, Ontario Snowboard industry sponsors)

•   Manage the scheduling & payroll of all Freestyle Ski & Snowboard program staff

•   Run the freestyle meeting area for pick up and drop offs morning, lunch, and afternoon

•   Assess and handle any issues (parents, participants etc.) that arise in Freestyle programs to the best of your ability and keep the Alpine Programs Manager apprised

•   Create newsletter content when required (pre, in and post season) that is detailed but easy to follow

•   Support private lessons with freestyle coaches as required

•   Support operations department with mogul course builds and airbag operation as required

•   Integrate with the other program leads to ensure Alpine Programs is creating well rounded skiers and snowboarders who have skill sets to progress to any discipline they choose

•   Support  mid-week  programing with  staff  for  school  groups,  corporate  groups  and races  as required

•   Stay as current as possible on what is happening with Freestyle Ontario and Ontario Snowboard

•   Other duties as directed by the Alpine Programs Manager

Skills and Competencies

•   Planning  and  pedagogical  skills  developed  through  ski  industry  certifications  and  industry experience

•   Strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills when working with clients and staff

•   Strong leadership and public speaking that will inspire confidence in the staff that work for you

•   Competent computer skills

•   Flexibility when it comes to dealing with the fluid nature of programing days (weather, client’s

needs, staffing issues)


•   Ski helmet is mandatory at all times while sliding on the hill

•   DOT helmet is mandatory when operating or being transported on any on-snow tracked or wheeled vehicles and/or snowmobiles

•   Other PPE as mandated by department manuals or procedures

To apply: Email [email protected]